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Haining Aisheng Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a production and trading company, which mainly produces and exports solar water heaters, specializing in the manufacture of solar water heaters for ten years.

We mainly produce compact low-pressure solar water heaters, compact high-pressure solar water heaters, heat pipe solar collectors, split high-pressure solar water heaters and flat solar water heaters for household or project use. We are the first company in China to pass CE certification. Our production line strictly complies with ISO9001, and our management requirements meet CCC requirements.
We have professional and precise production machines, such as 16 head automatic machine, Panasonic welding machine, high-efficiency tube coating machine, automatic framing machine, etc. At the same time, we have real professional engineers and workers with more than ten years of experience in producing solar water heaters. At present, we have gained many customers in more than 40 countries. We now produce about 16000 solar water heaters a month.
Our goal is to strengthen production technology, improve product quality and improve service content. In order to "enjoy the sunshine and life", we hope to create a better future with you!



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