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Advantages of large scale central solar heating system of Aisheng
1) For each region:
You can choose different solar collectors according to the climate of different regions. Our system is widely used in hotels, hospitals, schools and dormitories all year round;
2) Environmental protection and energy saving:
Aisheng solar energy large central solar heating system uses solar energy as the main energy, which will not cause pollution to the environment;
3) Convenient and practical:
Aisheng solar energy large-scale central solar heating system realizes automatic water supply, automatic electric heating and automatic thermal cycle.
4) Safe and reliable:
Aisheng solar large-scale central solar heating system takes solar energy as the main energy and any other energy such as electric energy as the auxiliary energy, which has many advantages, as follows: stable function, high automation, many safety measures (leakage protection, automatic prevention of dry burning without water, automatic shutdown system in case of failure
5) System diversity:
Set different water temperature according to different requirements.

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